Freitag, 24. Oktober 2008

Silverlight LArge File Upload

Haveing trouble uploading large Data from Your SL client to the Server ...?
This tool me a while to figure out.

There are two places you have to edit:

1. edit the ServiceReferences.ClientConfig to accept a large buffer.


2. on the server in the web.config

add a Httpbinding and name it

which setts it to 2MB and tell the service to use this binding


And you are ready to go Big Smile

Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2008

Look who is made out of Cats

I´ve seen a lot of people, playing around with Deepzoom and pre generated Mosaic Images (you know pictures made out of pictures).
So I planned to make a little Silverlight app to do this for you.
Unfortunatley I quickly found out that SL2 (or to be more precisely the .Net derivate) dosent realy support to get Color values of Imagepixels.
Fortunatly fluxcapacity made an open source dependency-free imaging library for C# which I was able to use for color analyzation.
So it is a mashup ....
This is just the first working sample, no Serverside Code for Deepzoom Generation is included for the moment, neither is the Targetquality Slider Implemented.

Project File :

Known Issues:
  • Too fast pressing Pause/Clear throws an Exeption (Design mistake )
  • Sloppy Style
  • bit verbose Code

You´re welcome to leave any Suggestions

Lars Buchleitner